Monday, October 29, 2007

Tales of ADSL & rain

So I went to the in-law's farm this passed weekend. It was good for my wife to get away from the city for a change. Being a real Boeremeisie (farm girl) she absolutely hates city life. Me too in a sense, if only I could make a life from the farm and have broadband at the same time. I love the serenity of farm life. Being with nature in the quietness of the wilderness. At night you can hear the cry of the jackal and but wonder what animal will be it's prey tonight. Ah that would be the life for me. But reality is allot worse. We strive for the freedom we once had, freedom that circumstance has taken away from us, and now we just live each day to survive in this existence.

Friday night there was a downpour of rain on my father's farm. They had over 100 mm in the span of 4 hours. This is a good way to start the rainy season since the previous once for them was a very bad one.

Sunday we came back just as the rain started to fall. The in-law's got 36mm rain. After we arrived in Windhoek I found that my ADSL is not working which was pretty dissapointing since I wanted to play Entropia Universe or Guild Wars. At the time of this entry it still was not working. My wife called Telecom Namibia about that but they have not responded yet. (And I work for them!)