Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SQLite - my journey starts

I do C++ programming in my free time and one of the challenges I am facing at the moment is databases. I have a project that require me to use a database for storing data.

Most of my development is taking place on my gaming PC with Windows XP Professional (Although I also work a bit on Fedora Linux)

My search led met to Sqlite

Sqlite is :
and has many more features...

I downloaded the Windows command-line version and started it up.
SQLite version 3.5.4
Enter ".help" for instructions
Figuring out how to create a database was very easy using the Sqlite language syntax as on the Sqlite website
sqlite> ATTACH DATABASE 'myDB.fl' AS myDB;
That command created a database for me and I was able to see where it is located by entering .databases at the Sqlite command prompt.

sqlite> .databases
seq name file
--- ---- ---------------------
0 main
2 myDB C:\sqlite-3_5_4\myDB.fl

So far I like Sqlite allot. It's easy to use and it just simply works.