Monday, September 13, 2010

Joomla 1.5 - Created date to mySql

Joomla! allows you to set date values through the Joomla! framework whenever you want to save a date to the database.

To use a the current date/time in your JModel entended class, do the following.

In the store() method after the $row->bind() method, add:

//Get a JDate object
$createdate = &JFactory::getDate();
//Create a date in MySQL's datetime format
$row->created = $createdate->toMySQL();
//PS: make sure your table have a created field :)

Joomla!'s JDate also allows you to set custom Unix dates simply by passing in the date to JFactory::getDate() method. E.g.

$createdate =& JFactory::getDate(time());

Note that you wil override the date everytime you save to the database. See if you can modify the model to set the create date only on new saves. :)

See Joomla!'s API documentation for more on what JDate can do.